Sophie Webb is an emerging artist living and working in London. She has a successful career in the design and advertising world as a writer and art director.

During the pandemic, she rediscovered life drawing, finding calm and connection with others in an intimate setting.

Her expressive figurative drawings are evocative of people experiencing a strange and contemplative time yet finding the freedom to be themselves in the art studio. Her starkly simple portrait paintings show her ability to portray the deeper recesses of the human condition with simple mark-making and a colourist’s eye.

Her latest series of abstract landscape paintings show a return to the wilds. Sophie grew up in rural Cheshire on a smallholding with a menagerie of animals. She attributes a strong immune system to being covered in animal poo much of the time. 

Sophie says – “As a child, I was free to roam the hills of Cheshire on a naughty Welsh Mountain pony called Frosty. He perfected the art of jumping five bar gates on his own to find greener pastures, and when I was onboard, decelerating from 60 mph to 0 in under 3 seconds to eject me. I survived and so did my love of roaming the wilds to process thoughts and inspire my imagination.”

She says the idea of sitting in an office all day kills her so getting to beautiful landscapes as often as possible keeps her spirited. She lives near Hampstead Heath and walks and swims there almost daily. Hiking the great mountains of the world is her passion and ambition.

Waking Up To Wild is a conversation with wild places that help us digest our thoughts and awaken new ideas, in a continuous cycle of birth, death and rebirth. 

Sophie’s dramatic landscapes reflect the emotional ups and downs physical landscapes help us process and how time spent in nature encourages relaxed beauty to bubble up inside us.

Sophie studied fine art at Uppingham School, then Mid Cheshire College of Art went on to study Psychology BSc (Hons) at the University of Northumbria. She believes our mind, body and spirit are enlivened by the natural world and is a passionate environmentalist.


June 2023, ‘Naked Bunch’, Bronwyn Whittaker Gallery, Tufnell Park, London.

Insta @sophieawebb